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¶ robot DJ
an idea:

Write a simple Kazaa client that does no searching, but instead participates in the network as a SuperNode. Make a number of them and distribute them on the Kazaa network. These clients do nothing but harvest data. They compile a database on the most popular searches. This data is fed into a database.

Write a simple Shoutcast client. This client polls the database as it's updated and automatically generates a playlist based on, for example, the 50 most searched for songs. Instant Top50 internet radio station, absolutely no maintenance required.

Finally, sell the data to record companies and make a million bucks.


Ibanez Jesus, Gomez-Skarmeta Antonio F., Josep Blat. DJ-Boids: Emergent Collective Behavior as Multichannel Radio Station Programming, "http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/581122.html"

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