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¶ mindless update
Summer has more or less started for me, and I'm gonna be hanging out around boston for a while. I spent the academic year mostly twiddling my thumbs, taking classes, and fulfilling requirements, without doing much research. It's not a terrible thing, as now I only need a couple more classes, but I'll need to find something to work on and call a research project.

Helping stacy move to nyc was pretty fun. Got to cuss out all the asshole new york drivers. Now that I'm an asshole boston driver, I feel like I can take on the big apple (sort of). Hung out with some good friends, ate some food, drove back.

Last weekend was graduation weekend for Brown so lots of alums made their way back. That was cool, even though I ended up not hanging out with most of them.

Yesterday was jackie's 21st. happy b-day! ate some dinner, crashed some bars, masqueraded as an undergrad, walked home.

Million dollar question: What in the world is my research focus?

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