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So in the past I've refrained from gossiping about my roommates, but I figure now that they're all gone and probably not coming back, I'll share some thoughts.

conclusion: never enter into a housing situation where I have no control over who my roommates are.

I've been living in two-bedroom apartments this year, in an MIT grad dorm, with randomly assigned roommates. I've gone through 3 different roommates (4 if you count china's wife). I'm gonna call them Spain, China, and India, cause that's where they're from.

Spain was okay. A little quirky and way full of himself, and I think he would've pissed me off after a while, but he was okay. He did things like kept his cologne in the fridge next to his AA batteries, and had a copy of the Dale Carnegie book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" in the bathroom for toilet reading. Spain is in the Sloan school of business, which immediately raises his shmuck level by an order of magnitude. I moved out cause our apartment was right over the central A/C unit for the building and the floors and door would rattle constantly.

After I left spain, I moved in with China. China's a pretty nice guy, just here to do his doctorate in chemical engineering. A northerner, speaks mandarin with a thick northern accent. Two weeks after I move in, he comes up to me and says, "My wife is moving in with us next week. Is that okay?" Now I don't want to be the asshole that separates him from his wife, so I say sure, no problem, but inside I'm thinking "wtf!?"

So China's wife arrives and moves in with us. It's her first time out of the mainland, and she doesn't speak english. She's relieved that I speak mandarin. Then they proceed to chinesify our apartment. They had this thing where they wouldn't use the in-house washing and drying machines. Instead, China's wife would hand-wash all their clothes and dry them in the bathroom. So half the time I'd go in the bathroom and there'd be some clothes soaking in the sink next to a bunch of underwear being hung up to dry.

They were very nice people, just made me feel a little crowded. Anyway, so in late January, China got rented out by his department to some companies in Ohio and Minnesota, and they left.

After that, India moved in with me. Bored and curious one day, I googled him and discovered that he's being sued for many millions of dollars by the family of this girl who committed suicide at MIT several years ago. Wrongful death. Basically, they claim he stalked her to death. So I'm like, great, China moves out and stalker moves in.

He actually turned out to be a really nice guy. Very considerate, and there was only one of him. I talked to him once about the stalker/lawsuit thing and he seemed pretty confident of winning. We had some nice conversations over the semester, and he helped me fix my bike once.

So then India graduated and now I have the apartment to myself. Which means I can do things like play obnoxiously loud music and walk around naked ^_^

Re: roommates
Posted 17 years, 5 months ago by Sumi • @ wwwReply
If they're Spain, China, and India, what would you be? Not America, duibudui. Rhode Island? Hm, that's barely a state, let alone a country ... ;-)

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