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¶ go obsession
Lately I've been playing a lot of Go. I don't really know why, but one day I just started playing and didn't stop for like 5 hours. Then the next day I did the same thing. For the last few weeks if I'm not working, eating, or sleeping, I've probably been playing Go. I'm terrible at it, and I routinely get trashed when I play online, so for the most part I just play against the computer.

Even when I'm not playing, I think about the game. When I talk to larry, I don't see his face. I see a grid and a game scenario. Where's the right place to play a stone? Ahh, right on his left nostril. That's the spot. There's this amazing wiki with all sorts of guides on tactics and practice problems that I read until like 4 in the morning. Really fascinating stuff. Makes me want to go write a go-playing program.

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