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¶ hull breached
Early this morning, the AI Lab file servers were disconnected and powered off quite hastily. This was to stop a rampant rm -rf /home/ai3/* that was wiping out half of the lab's home folders.

According to max, a lab machine had been compromised some time back. The tech staff has known about it for quite a while, and were gathering information and statistics on the intrusion. They were providing information to the FBI in an attempt to nab the perpetrator instead of just stopping him. Apparently, our cracker friend got wind of the fact that s/he was being tracked, and in an act of vengeance, decided to wipe out everyone's home directories.

rm -rf worked in alphabetical order, leaving a swath of destruction that made it through the M's before being stopped. So for most of the day, everyone with login names from a-m were wandering around aimlessly, souls without a home. Quite freaky, doing an ls in your home directory and seeing absolutely nothing there. In the late morning, a snapshot made at midnight was remounted read-only to give people some access to their files. I'm not sure what the status is now.

My group wasn't affected, as our stuff is hosted on different servers.

Re: hull breached
Posted 17 years, 5 months ago by aly • @Reply
albert, that sounds like a movie. do you get secret code names and have to talk in whispers too?
Re: hull breached
Posted 17 years, 5 months ago by albert • • Reply
hehehe. yeah, and there's this giant room with the lights turned down real low and huge computer screens with blinky dots that start turning red when the computers are hacked =P
Re: hull breached
Posted 17 years, 5 months ago by Anonymous • • Reply
and is there someone that repeats everything that the computer says? kinda like the sigorney waever role in galaxy quest? if not i'll volunteer.

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