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¶ The Chinatown Bus
Took the Chinatown bus for the first time. What an experience. For those not in the know, the Chinatown bus is a $10 ride from Chinatown Boston to Chinatown NYC. Operated, of course, by chinese people. Getting on the bus in Boston was a complete riot.

First. There is no bus terminal. Nobody knows where the bus stops to pick up the passengers. Everybody waits next to the ticket booth, and 10 minutes before the scheduled departure, a little Chinese man comes by and yells at you and brings you several blocks away to the bus. On the way, all the store owners come out and start making fun of you and the other 50 people wheeling their little luggage pieces across the street.

Second. After everyone had gotten on the bus and we were on the way to the highway, the bus got delayed in a little downtown traffic. So the conductor jumps off the bus, walks out into the street, starts yelling, "New York! New York! Anybody want to go New York?", and starts selling bus tickets to new york as we're on the way to the highway. As he's selling tickets, the bus has to keep moving, so when he sells one, he tells the passenger to run up the street and get on the bus. He actually manages to sell about 7 more tickets to completely fill the bus before we're out of traffic. Simply amazing.

Re: The Chinatown Bus
Posted 17 years, 4 months ago by Sumi • @Reply
Those dang enterprising Chinese! (That's hilarious.)
Re: The Chinatown Bus
Posted 17 years, 4 months ago by Alice • • Reply
Hahaha. Chinatown bus is quite the experience. When I rode it the first time the guy made the trip (Boston-NY) in like... 2.75 hours. In other words, dangerously and ridiculously fast.
Re: The Chinatown Bus
Posted 17 years, 4 months ago by dareka • @Reply
shoot, that's aggressive selling right there...i want to run my own chinatown bus business and beat those cheapskates out

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