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¶ how to choose a good password
A few years ago, ben got me into the whole Dvorak keyboard thing. Totally different arrangement of the keyboard that's pretty fun to type with. I used it pretty extensively for a few years and got to the point where I could type a little faster with dvorak than I could with qwerty. Eventually I stopped using it, though, mostly because it's optimized for english language and not for coding. Typing unix shell commands and curly braces in dvorak was especially rough. Lately, my favorite use for dvorak is to use it to choose passwords.

So the idea is that when you choose a password, it shouldn't be based on a real word and it should seem almost like a completely random arrangement of characters and symbols. Brute force password crackers always start by trying dictionary words and then permuting them and variations of them, which is why passwords like "Fred", "Password", "Loser" aren't such good ideas. But if you take those words and type them on a normal keyboard as if you were typing on a dvorak keyboard, then what comes out instead are the words "Yodh", "Ra;;,soh", "Ps;do". Instantly, you have a super strong password that's also super easy to remember.

Now all you gotta do is learn to touch type in dvorak ^_^

Re: how to choose a good password
Posted 17 years, 5 months ago by Sonic • • Reply
Hehe. Interesting. I do it by finger patterns instead...almost like playing a certain type of scale on a piano. But what if hackers started out trying "Fred" and "Password" in dvorak...?

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