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Usually, when I think about the idea of working at a retail store, a little knot forms in my stomach and I feel nauseous. The prospect of just waiting around all day for people to come buy things, having to deal with irrational and unreasonable customer demands, the rudeness and callousness of all the annoying people that just happen to have some money to spend, is just more than I can handle.

If I was a kid, though, I don't think I'd mind hanging out at a skate shop. You'd meet a lot of other skaters, help fix skates and boards, do the sharpenings sometimes, and maybe help give skating lessons. Nothing too demanding, pretty relaxed, and you don't get as many asshole customers (I think). There's this place called Beacon Hill Skate Shop (which isn't actually in Beacon Hill, it's in the theatre district) that I went to last week that to get my skates sharpened. Really crazy boss, with these two teenage underlings. Guy must've been in a war or something, he was always ordering the two kids around like they were grunts in a platoon, and when he first looks at you, you feel like he's sizing you up to see if you're gonna jump him or not. The kids were pretty cool, probably just getting a summer job, hanging out in boston. I liked that place. I could do that.

Re: beacon hill skate shop
Posted 16 years, 11 months ago by Guys from BHS • @Reply
hello, we are the people from BHS. Thanks for the write-up. We really appreciate such good feedback. We also like the fact that you said we're not in Beacon Hill because so many people get confused from that. My Boss (Chris) told me to tell you he was in fact not at a war. I could tell you off the back that this is one of the coolest jobs anyone could ever get and the people you meet are so cool. Well, thank you again for the write-up and come back for anything you need. From Guys of BHS, 135 Charles Street South Boston, MA 02111 Tel: (617)-482-7400 P.S. Hope you liked the sharpening too!

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