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¶ south boston beaches
so apparently there are beaches in south boston. when i saw that, i was like wtf!? so i decided to go check them out on saturday. driving is difficult, so I biked there.

it's about 6 miles out from where I live, so it's not a bad bike ride. On the way, I stopped by Wai Wai Can Ting in chinatown for some lunch. I love that place. It's a tiny little hole in the wall of some alley that's half underground, but they make the best duck rice I've had in boston. No frills place, you can tell all the tables and chairs cost like $3 each, and you can tell who the regulars are cause they just come in and start arguing with the owners.

Anyway, so eventually I got to south boston and lo and behold, there were actual beaches there. Not beaches that I'd walk on barefoot, mind you, but they still count as beaches. I wouldn't walk on them barefoot cause the sand is gravelly and there's lots of trash and it being south boston, I wouldn't be surprised to run across broken glass and shit like that. But they're still beaches.

The cool thing about the area is that it's right in the approach path to logan airport. So about every 15 seconds or so, some bigass jet would come hurtling overhead. Great place to just bum around and watch the planes come in.

click on the tiny ass photo for higher resolution. Boston is the clump of buildings on the right. Prud is the tallest one on the left of that group, a little ghosted from the stitching.

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