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Sometimes, at night, I get restless. It's like a lot of pent up energy needs to be released, and I can't sleep until I do. It's weird because sometimes I'll get really sore as if I've been running around a lot, and the soreness only goes away when I do something active.

Lately, I've taken to skating around the city at night. Skating on the sidewalk is really bumpy and you can't go too fast cause you freak out the pedestrians, so I usually stay on the road and keep up with the cars. I get a kick out of racing them when I'm on skates. It's easier than with a bicycle cause I can turn a lot faster on skates. My favorite street so far is Mass Ave, cause there are enough cars to make it fun, and they usually don't go faster than 30 mph. Never really clocked myself (how would I?) but I think my limit on skates is about 20-25.

It's fun to get up right next to a car in the next lane and stare down the driver as you skate, especially when they know you're racing them. There are basically three kinds of drivers in that situation. You have the cautious ones that are afraid of hitting you, so they move away to give you some more room. You have the regular drivers who just ignore you cause they're used to you (e.g. taxi drivers). And then you have the street racers that actually try to beat you and don't give a shit if they hit you. Those are the most fun.

Not really sure why I do it... guess it's partly to see how fast I can go, and cause it's challenging. Me and J used to love sprinting through crowded shopping centers, weaving through pedestrians and seeing who could get to the other end the fastest. I think it's similar to that. There's not as much fun just racing around an empty rink cause there's no risk. Running through a mall, if you mess up, you take someone out and look like an asshole. Here, if I mess up, I probably get my head run over. Adds excitement.

Re: racing cars
Posted 17 years, 3 months ago by Sonic • • Reply
I also have a fascination with racing cars when I'm not actually in a car. I tend to race them even if they don't even see me. I lose most of the time when I'm running, and win sometimes when I'm on skates. I used to always try to race cars down Thayer back to the Williams apartment...
Re: racing cars
Posted 17 years, 3 months ago by amandine • • Reply
i say that all the fun is in demolition derbies: destroy the cars!
Re: racing cars
Posted 17 years, 3 months ago by dareka • @Reply
those were *awesome* times

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