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¶ need to spend $3000
Whenever a research group in CSAIL makes a small purchase, we have to pay a departmental tax. I think it's to cover administrative and overhead costs. For purchases under $3000, the tax is something like 60-70 percent of the original purchase price. But if a single purchase order is greater than $3000, then the tax is waived.

So whenever we buy a new computer to be used as a desktop or server or notebook or something, it's cheaper for the group to buy a $3001 system than it is to buy a $2000 system. It's funny cause you go into your advisor's office and he tells you to buy a new computer and he's like, "Make sure you spend at least three thousand dollars."

"Sure Larry, no problem! Can do!"

Re: need to spend $3000
Posted 17 years, 3 months ago by Sonic • • Reply
Perhaps you need a Sony PCG-X505...

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