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¶ monthly update
The housing saga has come to a close. Finally! I ended up getting a room in S+P off the waitlist. 703B, huge corner room looking southeast, good view. I can't move in until September 4, though, and my old lease ended sunday, so I'm just hanging out around home for now.

Still not done writing that damn paper. Larry's quite demanding, which is both frustrating and good. I've also been dragging my feet on it. Hope to have it done within the week. PerCom deadline is Sep 8, so I think that's the do-or-die date. I'll be presenting some form of it at SOW, which is a MIT-only student run workshop.

Decided last week to train for a marathon. Gonna aim for the Green Mountain Marathon in Vermont. Not sure if I can do it, cause I haven't gone running in over a year. Think I have a chance, though, cause I've managed to run 16 miles over the last three days (5, 4, 7) down in lincoln woods. Big test will be saturday, when I try to run 13 miles. This'll be cutting it really close, cause there's only 11 weeks until the race. It was kinda weird the way I decided. I was walking around downtown late last friday by myself, people watching and thinking, when I started getting really jumpy. Then I started running for no reason whatsoever and ran back to my dorm from back bay, which isn't all that far, but isn't something I normally do. So I was like shit, all of a sudden I feel like running again, let's try doing a marathon. Are there any psychoanalysts in the audience that want to take a stab at this one? =P

HIPAA is still kicking my ass. I hate the health care industry.

Hung out with lindsey and jen last saturday. Very good to see them again =)

Re: monthly update
Posted 17 years, 3 months ago by Sonic • • Reply
Man. I'm jealous. Every time I've decided to train for a marathon I've either broken my knees, ankles, or just fallen off a damn bike. Been jittery all summer too but have appeased it with rock climbing. Less good for piano, but better for tendonitis.

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