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Alessandro Chiesa
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Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

  Ph.D. in Computer Science, expected June 2014

  M.Eng in Computer Science, June 2010
   - thesis: Proof-Carrying Data
   - advisors: Prof. Eran Tromer and Prof. Ron Rivest

  S.B. in Theoretical Mathematics, June 2009
  S.B. in Computer Science and Engineering, June 2009

 • Graduate GPA 5.00/5.00
 • Undergraduate GPA 4.94/5.00
   (see all coursework)

European School of Varese, Varese, Italy (1991 – 2005)

Awards •  MIT Akamai Presidential Fellowship, 2010 – 2011
•  Charles and Jennifer Johnson Thesis Award for Outstanding CS M.Eng. Thesis (see my thesis on Proof-Carrying Data), 2010
•  Phi Kappa Beta, the national liberal arts and sciences society, MIT Chapter, elected 2009
•  Sigma Xi, the national scientific research society, MIT Chapter, elected 2009
•  Best User Interface and Usability Award for the final project in 6.170 during Spring 2007
•  George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Third-Place the final project in 6.170 during Spring 2007
•  Order of Lambda, top student in 6.001, the Scheme programming class at MIT during Fall 2006

Foundations of Cryptography (6.875), EECS MIT
Teaching Assistant for Prof. Silvio Micali, in a class with ~25 students
Spring 2010
• Taught weekly recitations
• Held weekly office hours
• Lectured twice
• Prepared problem sets and their solutions
• Reviews from students:
    - "extremely well informed about the material"
    - "provides very very helpful feedback and references"
    - "very helpful, always available for questions"
    - "best TA I have ever had"
      (see all reviews)

Artificial Intelligence (6.034), EECS MIT
Eta Kappa Nu Tutor
Fall 2008
• Held weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions for students with difficulties
• Guided students through exercises from old exams or problem sets

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (6.001), EECS MIT
Laboratory Assistant
Spring and Fall 2007
• Explained concepts covered in lectures and problems sets to students during bi-weekly lab hours
• Guided students, many of whom were first-time programmers, through the debugging process, enabling them to acquire the skills to find mistakes in their own code
• Conducted quiz reviews to help students solidify main concepts from class
• Reviews from students: "very helpful, even when he hadn't gone over the projects himself - willing to figure things out as he went for his students"

Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, CA
Database Security Intern
Summer 2008
• Designed an automated key management system that integrates with Oracle Database
• Implemented a prototype of the design, thus demonstrating the potential for an Oracle Key Management Server
Mathematics Department, MIT, Cambridge, MA
Fall 2006
• Graded weekly problem sets for one recitation section of multivariable calculus
Thought and Memory, Cambridge, MA
Designer and Developer
Summer 2007
• Developed a Django-based web application with the objective of giving consumers the power to make informed decisions when purchasing products at the store
• Designed and implemented from scratch the object models underlying the Django application
Laboratory in Software Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA
Class Project
Spring 2007
• Designed and implemented a final project of AntiChess, working in a team of four
• Spearheaded GUI development, putting special emphasis on making the GUI seem like a videogame, with
animated components and seamless transitions across screens
Languages English, Italian, Spanish, German; advanced Chinese

Skills Java, Python, C, Django, PL/SQL, Scheme, MATLAB, R, SAGE, LaTeX, HTML

Activities •  Heavyweight Division I Varsity Crew at MIT, 2005 – 2009
•  Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge
•  William Lowell Putnam Competition

Alessandro Chiesa
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