I am a Professor at IST Austria. My research focuses on high-performance algorithms, and spans from algorithms and lower bounds, to practical implementations.
Before IST, I was a researcher at ETH Zurich and Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK. Prior to that, I was a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT CSAIL, working with Prof. Nir ShavitI received my PhD from the EPFL, under the guidance of Prof. Rachid Guerraoui.
My research is supported by a 2018 ERC Starting Grant, the Austrian FWF, and generous support from Amazon and Google.

I am also a Principal Machine Learning Researcher at Neural Magic.

You can find a list of recent projects and publications here.

Open Positions:

  • We have open PhD and postdoc positions. Applicants with experience in  optimization theory or distributed systems implementation are particularly encouraged, although all strong applicants will be given proper consideration.
    For questions about the positions and the application process, please contact me via email at dan.alistarh@ist.ac.at. The application should contain a CV, publication list, a 1-page statement describing motivation and research interests, and links to your publications. 

Recent/future service: 


I am extremely lucky to be able to work with the following students and postdocs:

  • Joel Rybicki (PostDoc @ IST)
  • Janne Korhonen (PostDoc @ IST)
  • Giorgi Nadiradze (PhD Student @ IST)
  • Alexandra Peste (PhD @ IST, co-advised with Christoph Lampert)
  • Aleksandr Shevchenko (PhD @ IST, co-advised with Marco Mondelli)
  • Ilya Markov (PhD Student @ IST)
  • Jen Iofinova (PhD Student @ IST)
  • Elias Frantar (PhD Student @ IST)
  • Nikita Koval (PhD Student @ ITMO, Researcher at JetBrains)

Visitors / Collaborators / Friends of the Lab: 

  • Prof. Faith Ellen (visiting February-May 2020)
  • Prof. Nir Shavit (visiting November 2019)
  • Prof. Thomas Sauerwald (visiting Oct 2019)
  • Prof. Gregory Valiant (visiting Nov 2018)
  • Prof. Robert Tarjan (visiting May 2018)
  • Dr. Frank McSherry (visiting May 2018)
  • Dr. Aleksandar Prokopec (visiting April 2018)
  • Prof. Ce Zhang (ETH)
  • Prof. Markus Pueschel (ETH)
  • Prof. Torsten Hoefler (ETH)


  • Peter Davies (PostDoc @ IST -> Lecturer at University of Surrey)
  • Bapi Chatterjee (PostDoc @ IST -> Faculty at IIIT Delhi)
  • Vitaly Aksenov (PostDoc @ IST -> Lecturer @ ITMO)
  • Trevor Brown (PostDoc @ IST -> Assistant Professor @ Waterloo)
  • Amirmojtaba Sabour (Intern @ IST -> PhD Student @ UofT)
  • Vijaykrishna Gurunanthan (Intern @ IST -> PhD Student @Stanford)
  • Saleh Ashkboos (Intern @ IST -> PhD @ ETH Zurich)
  • Antonio Polino (MSc @ ETH -> Google Search)
  • Rati Gelashvili (PhD@MIT, now Algorithms Lead at NeuralMagic)
  • Justin Kopinsky (PhD@MIT, now Engineering Lead at NeuralMagic)
  • Cédric Renggli (MSc Thesis (ETH Medal), with Torsten Hoefler, now PhD@ETH)
  • Nandini Singhal (Intern @ IST -> Microsoft Research)
  • Martin Thoresen (Intern -> PhD @ IST)
  • Amirmojtaba Sabour (Intern @ IST)
  • Amirkeivan Mohtashami (Intern @ IST)
  • Faezeh Ebrahimianghazani (Intern @ IST)
  • Dasha Voronkova (Intern @ IST)
  • Aditya Sharma (Intern @ IST)
  • Arnab Kar (MSc Thesis @ IST -> PhD @ Duke University)
  • Ekaterina Goltsova (ISTern @ IST -> Master’s @ EPFL)
  • Demjan Grubić (MSc, now at Google)
  • Aline Abler (BSc, with Torsten Hoefler)
  • Raphael Kuebler (BSc)
  • Jerry Z. Li (Intern, PhD@MIT -> Microsoft Research)
  • Jenny Iglesias (Intern, PhD@CMU)
  • Syed Kamran Haider (Intern @ MSR, now Researcher @ Qualcomm)
  • Hyunjik Kim (Intern @ MSR -> PhD @ Oxford -> Researcher at DeepMind)