Computer Science Fellowships

Since I missed out on a few fellowships I didn't know about when I applied to graduate school, I figured it might be nice to get a list together for my own and others' reference. If you discover any fellowships that should be added to this list, please email me.


Fellowship (linked) Deadline (italicized out of date) Eligibility Stipend Tenure Topic
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (CSFG) Jan. 11, 2006 First or second year grads, exceptional seniors $31,200 + extras Renewable up to 4 years General
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG) Jan. 6, 2006 Seniors or first year grads
(near beginning of grad studies)
$30,500 first year; $31,000 second year; $31,500 third year + extras 3 years General
National Science Foundation Nov. 9, 2005 Seniors or first year grads $30,000 + extras 3 years (within a 5 year period) General
Department of Homeland Security Fellowship Feb. 23, 2005 Seniors or first year grads $27,600 1 year, can be renewed for 2 more Goals aligned with the mission and objectives of DHS
DOE High-Performance Computer Science Fellowship Feb. 9, 2005 First or second year grads, exceptional seniors $28,800 + extras Renewable up to 4 years High-Performance Computing (see site)
Hertz Foundation Fellowship Oct. 28, 2005 Seniors and beyond who are attending tenable schools (see site) two options (see site):
$28,000/9 months
or $33,000/9 months
First option renewable up to 5 years;
second option 2 years
nVidia Fellowship Nov. 2005 Second year grads and beyond ? (I heard $28,000ish) 1 year (?) Graphics related (one would assume)
NASA Harriet G. Jenkins Fellowship Feb. 1, 2006 Minorities (including women); persons with disabilities. Seniors or up to third year grad PhD - $22,000; MS - $16,000 3 years NASA-related topics/fields
Link Foundation Fellowship Jan. 15, 2005 First year and beyond $21,500 + extras 1 year (?) Simulation and Training
Microsoft Research Graduate Fellowship Oct. 17, 2005 Second and third year grads $20,000 + extras 2-3 years General
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships For Minorities Nov. 17, 2005 Minorities (they do not define women as minorities), seniors or graduates who can fully utilize a 3 year fellowship award $19,000 3 years (within a 5 year period) General
IBM PhD Fellowship Oct. 31, 2005 Second year grads and beyond, must be nominated by professor $17,500 1 year General
Lucent Cooperative Research Fellowship Program (CRFP) Jan. 13, 2006 Typically seniors of under-represented minority groups $17,000 + extras Renewable up to 4 years General
National Physical Sciences Consortium Nov. 5 (every year) Seniors or first year grads, at a member school (see site) $16,000 Renewable up to 6 years General
GEM Fellowship Nov. 1, 2005 Intended for under-represented minorities. MS - junior/senior undergrads; PhD - those with or pursuing an MS degree. Tuition and fees at member institutions. PhD - $14,000; MS - $10,000 PhD - 5 years; MS - 3 semesters General
The Google Anita Borg Scholarships Jan. 20, 2006 Women. Seniors and beyond $10,000 1 year General

A large list of fellowships is available from Cornell. Fastweb may have some good information too.

Please email any mistakes, questions, or comments.

Last updated Oct. 5, 2005.

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