I-Ting Angelina Lee

Postdoctoral Associate
Supertech Research Group


angelee AT mit DOT edu
The Stata Center, Building 32-G770
32 Vassar St. Cambridge, MA 02139
I am most easily reached via email.

Brief Bio

I am a postdoctoral associate in the Supertech research group in MIT CSAIL. I received my S.M. and Ph.D. from MIT, under the supervision of Prof. Charles E. Leiserson. I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UC San Diego, where I worked on the Simultaneous Multithreading Simulator for DEC Alpha under the supervision of Prof. Dean Tullsen.

Many have asked me why I moved from San Diego to Boston ... well, as an undergraduate, I stayed indoors, programming all the time, and I did not learn to appreciate the nice weather and wonderful beaches that San Diego has to offer until I got older. :)

Research Interests

My research agenda is to make parallel programming accessible for everyone, so that every programmer, particularly the non-experts, can rapidly develop high performance software that takes advantage of commodity multicore hardware. To that end, I am interested in developing practical parallel systems based on solid theoretical foundations. In contrast to approaches which focus either on new language constructs or new systems primitives, I take a cross-layer approach that cuts across all layers of the computing stack, from linguistic abstractions to system-level mechanisms, with the components coherently integrated to provide a clean, powerful, and comprehensive platform for parallel programming.

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