Armando Solar-Lezama

Associate Director and COO of CSAIL
phone: (617) 258-9727
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Research Agenda:

I lead the Computer Assisted Programming Group. The focus of our research is program synthesis, an exciting research area that lies at the intersection of Programming Systems and Artificial Intelligence. On the one hand, program synthesis is about the use of automated reasoning and learning to help bring more automation to the programming process. On the other hand, we believe code provides a uniquely versatile modeling mechanism, so program synthesis can play a powerful role in helping to build learning systems that are more predictable and robust.

Sketch Version 1.7.6 Released (Feb, 2020) :

Sketch has now moved to github and is split between two repositories: the sketch-backend and the sketch-frontend. You can download an easy-to-install (relatively speaking)  source distribution from here: sketch-1.7.6.tar.gz

Working version of Sketch Manual
If you want to be notified about new releases or major bug-fixes, you can subscribe to the sketch users mailing list


Over the last few years, I have helped with the development of a few courses: In recent years, I have also been involved in teaching 6.031 (Software Construction), 6.009 (Fundamentals of Programming) and 6.01 (Introduction to EECS via Robotics).

Phd Thesis:

Program Synthesis by Sketching, U.C. Berkeley, December 2008, Advisor: Rastislav Bodik

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MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
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