18.418: Topics in Computational Molecular Biology

Covers current research topics in computational molecular biology. Recent research papers presented from leading conferences such as the SIGACT International Conference on Compuational Molecular Biology (RECOMB). Topic areas include original research (both theoretical and experimental) in genomics, molecular sequence analysis, recognition of genes and regulatory elements, molecular evolution, protein structure, and combinatorial libraries and drug design. Recent research by course participants also covered.

Instructor: Bonnie Berger
Contact Information: bab@mit.edu, x3-1827, 2-373.
Initial Meeting: Wed., 2/5 at 11:30am to 1pm, rm NE43-941.
Time and Place: Mondays, 11:30am to 1pm, rm NE43-941. (beginning 2/10).
Group Discussion: Wednesdays, 11:30am to 1pm, NE43-941.
Prerequisites: 18.417 or permission of instructor.
Course Support: Kathleen Dickey, rm NE43-330, kvdickey@mit.edu, x3-3037

Class Schedule

Date Lecture Room Time
Wed., 2/8 Lecture: Introduction to the Course NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 2/10 Guest Lecturer:Ziv Bar-Joseph, LCS/ MIT NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 2/12 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 2/17 President's Day Holiday/ No Lecture NA NA
Wed., 2/19 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 2/24 Guest Lecturer: Prof. Fritz Roth, Harvard Medical School NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 2/26 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 3/3 Guest Lecturer: Steve Bryant, NCBI NA NA
Wed., 3/6 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 3/10 Guest Lecturer: Prof. Hyman Hartman, MIT NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 3/12 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 3/17 Guest Lecturer: Prof. Serafim Batzoglou, Dept of Computer Science,
Stanford University
NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 3/19 No Lecture NA NA
Mon., 3/24 Spring Break: No class NA NA
Wed., 3/26 Spring Break: No class NA NA
Mon., 3/31

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Sorin Istrail, Senior Director of Informatics Research,
Celera Genomics Corporation

NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 4/2 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 4/7 Guest Lecturer:Prof. Michael Yaffe, Center for Cancer Research, MIT NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 4/9 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 4/14 Guest Lecturer: Prof Kevin Karplus, Univ of Calif, Santa Cruz
NOTE: Apr 10-13 Recomb2003
NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 4/16 Lecture: No class NA NA
Mon., 4/21 Patriot's Day Holiday: No class NA NA
Wed., 4/23 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1
Mon., 4/28 Guest Lecturer: Prof. David Bartel, Biology Department, M.I.T. NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 4/30 Lecture TBA 11:30-1
Mon., 5/5 Guest Lecturer: Joachim Theilhaber, Physicist at Aventis NE43-941 11:30-1
Wed., 5/7 Lecture NE43-941 11:30-1

Bonnie Berger (bab@mit.edu)
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