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18.418: Topics in Computational Molecular Biology

Covers current research topics in computational molecular biology. Recent research papers presented from leading conferences such as the International Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB), the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB), and the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB). Topic areas include original research (both theoretical and experimental) in genomics, molecular sequence analysis, recognition of genes and regulatory elements, molecular evolution, protein, and RNA structure, and combinatorial libraries for drug design. Recent research by course participants also covered.


Attendance is mandatory and it will be taken at each meeting and count toward your overall grade. Participation will also factor into your grade.

The class meeting on Wednesdays will be guest lecturers who will present various research topics. Abstracts will be sent by email prior to each talk.

The class meeting on Mondays will be either group or individual (depending upon enrollment) projects by student seminar members. A copy of the powerpoint presentation or your notes (typed preferred) with bibliography will be due the day of your talk.

There is not a final for this class.

The class will not meet the following days:

Prerequisites: 18.417, 6.085, 6.8745 or permission of instructor.

Please note that only graduate students may repeat the class for credit; undergrads (Juniors and Seniors) are welcomed to take the class once for credit & encouraged to sit in as listeners if they wish to repeat the class. Freshmen and Sophmores are welcome as listeners only & only with permission of the instructor.

Please note that this page and the information on it are subject to change.

Time & Location

Class Meeting Time: 11:30 - 1:00 in The Theory of Computation Lab Room Building 32, Room G575

Office Hours for Professor Berger: 10:30-11:30am, Wednesdays (CSAIL office, 32G-574) or by appointment.


Date Lecture
Feb 6 Bonnie Berger Lecture: Introduction to the Course
Feb 11 Class Discussion Alal Eran
Feb 13 Guest Lecturer Peter Clote, BC
Feb 18 Holiday (President's Day)
No Meeting
Feb 19 Class Discussion Student Presentations
Feb 20 Guest Lecturer
Jinbo Xu, TTIC, University of Chicago
Feb 25 Class Discussion Student Presentations
Feb 27 Guest Lecturer Liise Holm. Radcliffe
Mar 3 Class Discussion Student Presentations
Mar 5 Guest Lecturer TBA
Mar 10 Class Discussion Student Presentations
Mar 12 Guest Lecturer Joseph Lehar, BU
Mar 17 Class Discussion TBA
Mar 19 Guest Lecturer Dr. Shobha Potluri, Pfizer
Mar 24 Spring Break
No Meeting
Mar 26 Spring Break No Meeting
Mar 31 Class Discussion Kelley Bailey
Apr 2 Guest Lecturer Yann Ponty, BC
Apr 7 Class Discussion Student Presentations
Apr 9 Guest Lecturer Eric Xing, CMU
Apr 14 Class Discussion Student Presentations
Apr 16 Guest Lecturer Jadwiga Bienskowska, Biogen
Apr 21 Holiday (Patriots Day)
Apr 23 Guest Lecturer Leonid Mirney, MIT
Apr 28 Class Discussion Student Presentations
Apr 30 Guest Lecturer Lenore Cowan, Tufts
May 5 Class Discussion Student Presentations
May 7 Guest Lecturer TBA
May 12 Class Discussion
Informal Discussions: Meet in 32-575 if you want to touch base with Prof. Berger. Class not mandatory.
May 14 Guest Lecturer TBA
May 19 Finals Week No Meeting

Instructor: Bonnie Berger
Contact Information: bab at mit dot edu, x3-1827, 2-373.
Contact Information: macaluso at mit dot edu, x3-3037, 32-G568.

Please contact Professor Berger via email directly for further information concerning this class.

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