32 Vassar Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

I’m a postdoc at Harvard SEAS, where I work on natural language and speech processing, focusing on language representations in neural networks. I’m affiliated with the Mind, Brain, Behavior initiative and work with Professors Stuart Shieber and Sam Gershman. I’m also affiliated with the Harvard NLP group.

I maintain an active collaboration with the Spoken Language Systems group at MIT CSAIL, where I completed my PhD under the supervision of Dr. James Glass. My PhD thesis analyzed internal langauge representations in deep learning models, with particular applications to machine translation and speech recognition.

I previously completed a Master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Regina Barzilay, where I wrote a thesis on neural network architectures for prepositional phrase attachment disambiguation.

Before coming to MIT I worked as a software engineer in IntuView while pursuing a Master’s in Arabic Studies at Tel Aviv University with a thesis on the Arabic dialect of Jisir izZarga. My undergrauate degree was in Mathematics and Arabic Studies, also at Tel Aviv University.