Slides from recent talks by Bill Freeman, MIT CSAIL

(started: January, 2011.)
ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA), January 24, 2011. Where computer vision needs help from computer science pdf of slides

International Conference on Computational Photography, March 28, 2011. Photographic stories over time pdf of slides. Pointer to Youtube video of this talk (using earlier version of slides than the pdf's posted here).

IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, January 26, 2012. Overview of Computational Photography (summarizing my favorite projects in this area, not just my own) pdf of slides.

MIT CSAIL, March 4, 2012. The most important qualities for success in graduate school pdf of slides.

Here is a video prepared to accept the test-of-time award for the paper below, describing the work in its context, in .mov format , or in .mpeg format. The paper: W. T. Freeman and M. Roth, Orientation histograms for hand gesture recognition, International Workshop on Automatic Face- and Gesture- Recognition, IEEE Computer Society, Zurich, Switzerland, June, 1995, pp. 296--301. Winner, 2013 Test-of-time award from Face and Gesture Recognition conference. MERL-TR94-03.