A.I. Memos (scanned PDF, image on text) (*)

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AIM 160 “Focusing” (May 1968) (PDF 6.4 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 164A “The Text-Justifier TJ6” (June 1970) (PDF 2.9 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 178 “The Image Dissector ‘Eyes’” (Aug 1969) (PDF 3.7 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 179 “The Arithmetic-Statement Pseudo-Ops: .I and.F” (Aug 1969) (PDF 1.5 Mb) (alternate form)

AITR 232 “Shape from Shading” (Nov 1970) (PDF 23.2 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 285 “The Binford-Horn LINE-FINDER” (Jul 1971/Dec 1973) (PDF 0.7 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 295 “On Lightness” (Oct 1973) (PDF 6.9 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 299 “Proposal to ARPA for Research on Intelligent Automata and Micro-Automation” (Jan 1975) (PDF 24 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 323 “Orienting Silicon Integrated Circuit Chips for Lead Bonding” (Jan 1975) (PDF 3.0 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 335 “Image Intensity Understanding” (Aug 1975) (PDF 10 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 365 “A Laboratory Environment for Applications Oriented Vision and Manipulation” (May 1976) (PDF 4.2 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 437 “Using Synthetic Images to Register Real Images with Surfaces Models” (Sep 1977) (PDF 2.4 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 440 “Density Reconstruction Using Arbitrary Ray Sampling” (Sep 1977) (PDF 6.2 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 448 “Fan-beam Reconstruction Methods” (Nov 1977) (PDF 1.0 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 458 “Configuration Space Control” (Dec 1977) (PDF 1.2 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 465 “LANDSAT MSS Coordinate Transformations” (Feb 1978) (PDF 1.4 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 467 “Destriping Satellite Images” (Mar 1978) (PDF 1.8 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 478 “Dynamics of a Three Degree of Freedom Kinematic Chain” (Oct 1977) (PDF 2.6 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 490 “Determining Shape and Reflectance Using Multiple Images” (Aug 1978) (PDF 0.6 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 498 “Calculating the Reflectance Map” (Oct 1978) (PDF 1.6 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 536 “SEQUINS and QUILLS: Representations for Surface Topography” (Aug 1979) (PDF 0.8 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 539 “An Application of the Photometric Stereo Method” (Apr 1979) (PDF 1.4 Mb — poor quality) (alternate form)

AIM 572 “Determining Optical Flow” (Apr 1980) (PDF 4.8 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 612 “The Curve of Least Energy” (Jan 1981/Mar 1983) (PDF 4.3 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 654 “Rotationally Symmetric Operators for Surface Interpolation” (Nov 1981) (PDF 1.7 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 662 “Passive Navigation” (Nov 1981) (PDF 1.1 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 726 “Picking up an Object from a Pile of Objects” (May 1983) (PDF 2.1 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 740 “Extended Gaussian Images” (Jul 1983) (PDF 2.2 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 746 “Picking Parts Out of a Bin” (Oct 1983) (PDF 3.5 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 772 “Determining Grasp Points using Photometric Stereo and the PRISM Binocular Stereo System” (Aug 1984) (PDF 2.0 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 813 “The Variational Approach to Shape from Shading” (March 1985) (PDF 2.3 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 820 “Shape and Source From Shading” (Jan 1985) (PDF 1.1 Mb — from striped original) (alternate form)

AIM 821 “Direct Passive Navigation” (Feb 1985) (PDF 1.0 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 939 “A Direct Method for Locating the Focus of Expansion” (Jan 1987) (PDF 1.7 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 994A “Relative Orientation” (Sep 1987/Mar 1989) (PDF 0.3 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 1071 “Parallel Networks For Machine Vision” (Dec 1988) (PDF 0.3 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 1105A “Height and Gradient from Shading” (May 1989) (PDF 3.5 Mb) (alternate form)

AIM 1526 “Direct Object Recognition Using No Higher Than Second or Third Order Statistics of the Image” (Dec 1995) (PDF 1.1 Mb)

AIM 1584 “Edge and Mean Based Image Compression” (Nov 1996) (PDF 0.8 Mb)

(*) NOTE:

The above are (mostly) derived from scanned A.I. Memo files at ftp://publications.ai.mit.edu/ai-publications/pdf
The quality of recognized text varies with the quality of the originals and the quality of the scanning method. Math is, of course, not properly recognized.

Berthold K.P. Horn, bkph@ai.mit.edu