Gray-Level Images

Area, Perimeter and Euler Number in Continuous Gray-level Images (PDF 31 kb)

Shape from Shading

"Height and Gradient from Shading" (scanned PDF 22 Mb)

"Impossible Shaded Images" (PDF 80 kb)


"Closed-From Solution of Absolute Orientation using Unit Quaternions" (scanned PDF 7 Mb)

"Relative Orientation Revisited" (PDF 115 kb)

Camera Calibration

"Tsai's camera calibration method revisited" (PDF 83 kb)

"Application of Quaternions to Computation with Rotations" (PDF 94 kb)

Motion Vision

"Direct Methods for Recovering Motion" (scanned PDF 14 Mb)

"Motion Fields are Hardly Ever Ambiguous" (scanned PDF 9 Mb)

Analog VLSI fo Machine Vision

"Parallel Networks For Machine Vision" (scanned PDF 5 Mb)

"Estimating the Focus of Expansion in Analog VLSI" (scanned PDF 8 Mb)