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Computational Imaging CS294-6:

CS 294-6 Computational Imaging Course Outline
CS 294-6 Computational Imaging Course Details

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Convolution and Linear Systems
Voronoi Diagrams and Delauney Triangulations


(1) Synthetic Aperture Microscopy:

Mermelstein SAM Figures I (3.3 Mb PDF)
Mermelstein SAM Figures II (2.7 Mb PDF)
Mermelstein SAM Figures III (400 kB PDF)
SAM AOM Figures (7.9 Mb PDF)
SAM FT Patterns (7.1 Mb PDF)
SAM Hough Patterns (4.7 Mb PDF)

Preliminary Paper --- Jekwan Ryu (1 Mb PDF)
Progress on Synthetic Aperture Microscopy --- Jekwan Ryu (30 kB PDF)
SAM Microbead Slides --- Jekwan Ryu (1 Mb PDF)
Patterned Light Boosts the Resolution of a Lens --- Jekwan Ryu (133kB PDF)

Estimating the Phase Differences (33 kB PDF)
Speckle Pattern and Carrier Modulation (38 kB PDF)
Using Phase Shift to Create a Rectangle (787 kB PDF)

Bessel Function Info (Math World)
Ring Exposure Animation (2 Mb GIF)
Line Exposure Animation (515 kB GIF)
Two Spots Exposure Animation (370 kB GIF)

Hutchin Patent 4,584,484
Turpin Patent 5,384,573
Turpin Patent 5,751,243
Shirley et al. Patent 5,870,191
Mermelstein Patent 6,016,196
Mermelstein Patent 6,140,660

(2) Coded Aperture Imaging:

Short Review of Coded Aperture Imaging (Jean in 't Zand) (HTML)
Short Review of Coded Aperture Imaging (Jean in 't Zand) (160 kB PDF - no figures)
Fourier Transform Photography --- Abel 1968 (1.7 Mb PDF)
Fresnel Transformations of Images --- Mertz & Young (3.9 Mb PDF)
Coded Aperture Imaging Figures I --- Fenimore (1.8 Mb PDF)
Coded Aperture Imaging Figures II --- Fenimore (1.9 Mb PDF)
Coded Aperture Imaging --- Barrett (1.1 Mb PDF)
Coded Aperture Imaging --- Byard (2.3 Mb PDF)
Coded Aperture Imaging --- Paul Carlisle (HTML page)
Key Independent Watermark Detection --- Schyndel Tirkel Svalbe 1999 (135 kB PDF)
X-ray monitoring using a coded sphere telescope --- Bird Merrifield 1996 (611 kb PDF)
A Modified Jacobi Sequence Construction --- Parker 2000 (127 kB PDF)
Modified Jacobi Sequences --- Green and Green 2000 (741 kB PDF)
Examples of Modified Jacobi Sequences (Green and Green) (HTML page)

LEGRI URA mask(5 bk GIF)
Coarse URA mask(5 kb GIF)
Fine URA mask(37 kb GIF)
Hexagonal URA mask(11 kb PDF)
Coded Source Reconstruction (3.5 Mb JPEG)

Quadratic Residues (Math World)
Legendre Symbol (Math World)
Jacobi Symbol (Math World)

Lanza patent 5,930,314
Lanza patent 6,205,195

(3) Diaphanography:

3-D Image Reconstruction in Optical Tomography --- Yang and Horn (75 kb PDF)
Studies in Optical Tomography --- Yang and Horn (3.9 Mb PDF)
Some ideas on algorithms for soft-tissue ‘tomographic’ reconstruction (63 kB PDF)
Sample Resistive Grid Inversion — Scattering and Absorption Model (1 kb PDF)

(4) Cone Beam Reconstruction:

Illustration of slice-projection theorem (2D) (95 kb JPG)

Arbitrary Ray Sampling Schemes (2D CT) (10.4 Mb PDF)
Fan Beam Reconstruction (2D CT) (4.7 Mb PDF)

Radon (auf Deutsch) 1917 (5.8 Mb PDF)
Radon (in English) 1917 (3.8 Mb PDF)

Kirillov (math) 1960 (636 kb PDF)
Orlov I (math) 1975 (1.7 Mb PDF)
Orlov II (math) 1976 (3 Mb PDF)
Gelfand and Goncharov (math) 1987 (2.5 Mb PDF)

Grangeat 2000 (exact) (10.8 Mb PDF)
Grangeat's "trick" 2001 (exact) (24 kb PDF)

Clack, Defrise 1994 (4.1 Mb PDF)
Noo, Defrise, Clack 1997 (3.7 Mb PDF)
Noo, Clack, Defrise 1997 (4 Mb PDF)
Kudo, Noo, Defrise 1998 (4 Mb PDF)
Hu, Johnson, Dawson 2000 (311 kb PDF)

The PI-methods for Helical Cone-Beam Tomography --- Daniellson Seger Turbell 2001 (1.1 Mb PDF)
Cone-Beam Reconstruction Using Filtered Backprojection (PI) --- Turbell 2001 (2.6 Mb PDF)

The n-PI Method for Helical Cone-Beam CT --- Proska et al 2000 (660 kB PDF)
Artifact Analysis of Approximate Helical Cone-Beam --- Köhler et al 2002 (2.3 MB PDF)

Kachelriess, Fuchs, Schaller, Kalender (ASSR) 2001 (7.8 Mb PDF)
Stierstofer, Flohr, Bruder (SMPR) 2001 (3.4 Mb PDF)

Theoretically Exact Cone Beam Reconstruction --- Katsevich (240 kB PDF)
Improved Exact FBP Algorithm For Spiral CT --- Katsevich (700 kB PDF)

(5) Miscellaneous:

Planet Photo-Topography Using Shading and Stereo --- Xiaojian Yan S.M. Thesis, Dec 1993 (3.3 Mb)
Projective Minimal Analysis of Camera Geometry --- Raquel Romano Ph.D. Thesis, May 2002 (4.4 Mb)
Super Vector Machines --- Patrick H. Winston (10 Mb)
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