PushPin --- Effect of Orientation Fig. 10-2

Place Ville Marie --- Effect of Lighting Fig. 1-8

White Matt Sphere 1.jpg

Sphere Base Characteristics 1

Sphere Characteristics Views 1


Shape Nose --- Image, Characteristics, Contours

Shape Nose --- Base Characteristics

Shape Nose --- Four Views

ShapeNose Views

ShapeNose Stereo View

Contour maps with and without hillshading

DEM shading morning versus afternoon lighting

DEM shaded image and ERTS satellite image

IC Bonded 1

IC Bonded 2

PC Board

Minsky Vucobratovic Arm 1

Minsky Vucobratovic Arm 2

Minsky Vucobratovic Arm 3

Scheinman Minorobot 2

Tower Build 1

Tower Build 2

NonLocal Effect --- Brightness Measurement Error

Closeup of Defects in Image Dissector Photocathode

Bubble Chamber image scanned by III flying spot scanner