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Benjamin Lahner

Graduate Student

Contact: blahner at mit dot edu

About Me

I am currently a graduate student advised by Dr. Aude Oliva in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at MIT. I study computational cognitive neurocience with an interest in comparing how humans and machines process visual and auditory information. Previously I earned my BS in biomedical engineering from Boston University.
I am fascinated by how the brain transforms raw environmental input - light and pressure waves, for example - into meaningful representations. Our perception of these raw inputs allows us to understand, enjoy, and change the world around us. How do machines perceive the world? Will they ever interact with the world the same way humans do?
Outside of research I enjoy being outdoors - going running, long camping trips, or relaxing in a park. I am always reading a book, usually about Theology or historical non-fiction, and I hope to continue traveling the world as soon as Covid19 is over.