Bradley's Startups

I founded Tokutek with Tokutek Founder Michael A. Bender and Tokutek Founder Martin Farach-Colton. Tokutek was acquired by Percona in 2015.

Tokutek made a library called TokuDB that incorporates some of our research ideas. In particular, Tokutek focused on MongoDB performance and performance for MySQL and MariaDB. Furthermore one could get great mongodb compression as well as great mysql and mariadb compression. There were some extras that weren't really part of the data structure (but were enabled by the goo engineering at Tokutek) such as hot schema change for mysql and mariadb and multi-statement transactions for MongoDB.

I also helped found Cilk Arts, but couldn't commit enough time to really participate, so I'm not really a co-founder. Cilk Arts was acquired by Intel, and now Cilk is part of the Intel compiler and also appears in GCC and some branches of LLVM. Intel and GCC seem to have dropped Cilk, but MIT continues to develop OpenCilk.

I was previously involved at Thinking Machines Corporation (something like Employee number 12) and Akamai (something like employee number 100.)

At Oracle I was employee number O(100,000). Same at Google as of 2020.

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