Helping relief efforts in Asia

In response to the devastation in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other parts of Asia as a result of the tsunami that hit on the 26th of December 2004, a number of relief efforts have been launched. This page will maintain an updated list of the various online channels through which donations and help can be provided. I'm not personally involved in any of these efforts, but provide this list as a means for people to choose whichever channel they are most comfortable with.

Update: In addition to the international organizations directly engaged in relief work in the area, we're only listing local groups that are at present directly in the affected areas. There's been an increase in groups functioning as middlemen that channel resources to the same end points and we don't have the resources to verify the legitimacy of all of them.

Feel free to send me e-mail on buddhika AT if you want a site listed. (Note: I will need some proof of legitimacy.)

On MIT Campus*

If you happen to be on the MIT campus and would like to assist in person, the MIT Public Service Center is also launching some efforts.
Sangam is also co-ordinating some efforts on campus.

*This page is being linked to by the main MIT web page and so community efforts are also being listed.

Useful Information

President Bush along with former President's Clinton and Bush Sr. are spearheading a campaign managed through

Prof. Laurence Simon from Brandeis University has put together an excellent resource on how to decide where your donations will be most useful and effective. Highly recommended reading before you go ahead to make a donation.

Forbes has a list of charities ranked by their fund raising efficiency (ie. how much is left after the costs associated with fund raising) and charitable commitment (ie. charitable services as a percentage of total expenses). It might be useful to you in choosing a worthy charity.

CharityNavigator, Charity Guide and the Better Business Bureau provides ratings/evaluations of charities functioning in the US.

The BBC's coverage of the event.

For an explanation as to why this site promotes monetary donations please read the following guides to donating put out by the Red Cross, FEMA and InterAction.

A Tsunami Action Group has been set up on Google to allow community discussion of topics relevant to the disaster and to inform one another of on going efforts.

A site similar to this, focusing on efforts in India is being maintained at

Sri Lankan Organizations Supporting/Conducting Relief Work

Recommended (If you're looking for a local group to support - this one I can vouch for)
, a local civil service organization is also accepting donations online. (update: this link allows tax-deductible donations in the US).
Update: Word coming back from Sri Lanka indicates that out of the local organizations, they've got their act together the most. It's a well established and internationally recognized organization. They're also doing an incredible job of providing updates on the progress being made which you can monitor through pictures and posts on their website.
(Update: Arthur C. Clarke seems to concur)

The Lanka Academic Network, has opened up an online gateway through which donations can be made. They are also registered as a charitable organization in the US and donations are tax-deductible. They are also present on the ground and engaged in relief work.

The Karuna Trust is accepting donations here (This site also has info on non-virtual channels available in the San Francisco Bay Area).

SIRASA FM, the popular Sri Lankan radio channel is accepting donations both online and in kind.

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister's Office has launched an online gateway through which donations can be made to the Sri Lanka Tsunami Victims Relief Fund.

The Tamil Rehabilitation Organization is also collecting donations at their website. Their focus is in relief work taking place in the rebel held North East areas of the country.

The Colombo Stock Exchange is now accepting donations online. Look for the banner link at the top of their page and follow it.

Suntel, a local telecom services provider has also opened up a payment gateway to make donations online.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has also mobilized and are accepting donations towards their efforts here.

Thai Organizations Supporting/Conducting Relief Work

The Thai Red Cross is accepting donations online.

Indian Organizations Supporting/Conducting Relief Work

Association for India's Development is accepting donations off their website for relief work taking place in India.

International Organizations Supporting/Conducting Relief Work

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have launched an appeal to help fund their efforts in the region. You can make contributions here by marking them for the "Asia - earthquake and tsunami's". The British Red Cross is also running a campaign here and the Canadian Red Cross has launched an appeal here.

The American Red Cross has teamed up with Amazon to collect donations through Amazon. You will find an advertisement for it on the main page or you can follow this link if it works.

UK based humanitarian organization CARE International is accepting donations for their efforts here. CARE Australia has also launched an appeal and are accepting donations here.

Oxfam, another UK based organization is accepting donations here. Oxfam America is also accepting donations here.

Save the Children USA is accepting contributions here.

Mercy Corps is planning a mission and are accepting donations towards it here.

AmeriCares is making its own efforts here.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is sending in teams to all affected areas and are accepting donations here.

UNICEF is accepting donations here if you're in the US or through here for other countries. They've been doing some great work caring for the children affected in the region.

Organizations with Religious Affiliations Supporting/Conducting Relief Work

The LDS Foundation is accepting donations here.

The Christian Children's Fund is also accepting donations.

Catholic Relief Services are accepting donations here.

Donations to Catholic Charities USA can be made here.

The Salvation Army has launched a South Asia Relief Fund.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has launched an appeal and donations can made here.

The American Jewish World Service has also launched an appeal to which contributions can be made here.

The Lutheran World Relief is accepting donations here.

Help this site

  1. Provide information about organizations conducting relief work and collecting donations online.

  2. Forward this link to friends and family who might want to help but don't know how.

  3. Provide resources (like the Forbes lists below) that allow people to make informed decisions about which organizations they'd like to donate to. (Note: We need facts and not opinion.)

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