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NON CAMPUS EATERIES (also doesn't include MIT food trucks)

FYI: One Kendall is courtyard of restaurants/offices behind Technology Square; where Hampshire St. begins

Aceituna (605 W. Kendall St.) 617 252 0707
located off 3rd St. and Athenaeum - many vegetarian options: Lebanese/Middle Eastern
sit down and take out; counter service, no wait staff
opens at 11:00

Amelia's Trattoria (11 Harvard St.) across from Tech Square on Portland St. 617 868 7600
Italian entrees, pastas, sandwiches, salads; includes vegetarian options
sit down, wait staff; tables close together
opens 11:30- website says 11 but don't believe it myself

Anise (One Kendall)(authentic Sichuan) 617 577 8668
vegetarian options marked with V, brown rice available
sit down/wait staff; can be long wait for check! more expensive than Royal East
opens 11:30

Asgard (350 Mass Ave. end of Main St.) 617 577 9100
opens 11:00
sit down/wait staff
vegetarian pastas and veggie burger plus salads - Irish Pub food

Atasca (Portuguese)(50 Hampshire St.) 617 621 6992
opens 11:30
sit down/wait staff
two vegetable sides, all types meat, lots of seafood: cod, clams, mussels, shrimp, sardines

Au Bon Pain (two: one in Food Court, 3 Cambridge Center 617 491 9726, other 238 Main St. 617 491 9751) opens early in morning; bakery, soups, sandwiches, salads, newly pasta/lasagnas in Main St. one, order at counter or self serve, some seating

Beantowne Coffee House (One Kendall) 617.621.7900
sandwiches, bagels, rollups, (includes hummus/cheese) bakery items
opens 7:30am
some seats/ counter service/take out

Beijing Tokyo (781 Main St., corner of Windsor next to Stefani's) 617 354 3388
careful, even though Ma Po tofu listed under vegetarian, comes with pork; Sushi, Japanese,and Chinese; has brown rice! tofu with vegetables; luncheon specials
opens at 11am
read YELP reviews:

Bertucci's (799 Main St.) 617 661 8356
pizza, Italian entrees, vegetable sides, can order pasta without meat, ravioli, eggplant
opens 11:00,

lots of seating, booths popular with some

Black Sheep (350 Main St, Kendall Hotel) 617 577 1300
opens 11:30; small, get there EARLY (before 11:45) to get seated most days
outdoor seats in good weather- toasted cheese, mixed vegetable sandwich, plus larger salads and one vegetarian pasta

Blue Room (One Kendall) 617 494 9034 - June 2, 2008, now serving lunch grill
opens 11:30 - vegetarian option: avocado quesadilla, and sides
Photo I took of menu board (click on photo to make larger)

Cambridge Brewing Company (One Kendall) 617 494 1994
opens 11:30
several vegetarian sandwich options, not just salads; check daily specials also for more veg options; outdoor dining

Character's Bar and Grille (2 Cambridge Center/Marriott) 617.252.4408
burgers(includings veggie), french fries, onion rings, nachos, salads

Cinderella's (901 Main St.) 617 576 0280
Italian - pizza, pasta, calzones; order at register; seating

Cosi (290 Main St) 617 868 5810
pizza, vegetarian sandwiches, salads; opens early morning; order at register, seating

Desi Dhaba (Indian) Lunch Buffet $7.95( Corner Main St.& Mass Ave.) 617 547 4121
Lots of vegetarian dishes on menu (12) and breads (over a dozen)
opens at 11:30

Emma's (40 Hampshire St.) 617 864 8534
Pizza, of course, also 4 salads and 4 sandwiches (one vegetarian) take-out, small seating area
opens at 11:30

Kendall Kitchen (201 Broadway at Portland St.) 617 225 7704
breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, hot meals - no online menu found, see Yelp reviews:

La Groceria (853 Main St.) 617 497 4214
CLOSED MAY 2008- owner of Craigie St. Bistro, Tony Maws, to open new restaurant there in the Fall

Legal Seafoods (5 Cambridge Center) 617 864 3400
opens at 11:00
not veggie friendly (big suprise), one vegetarian $16.95 tofu/veg entree, some sides (polenta/fries/baked potato) and salads

Mariposa Bakery (424 Mass Ave.) 617 876 6500
sandwiches and salads, and bakery items
opens at 7:00am

Mary Chung's (Chinese) (460 Mass Ave.) 617 864 1991
closed TUESDAYS; used to be Cambridge institution; famous for dun dun noodles

MC2 American Bistro/Marriott Hotel right at Kendall T stop
upstairs, tablecloth dining, last menu did have vegetarian option: portabello mushroom stack with tomato and cheese,
also hummus plate appetizer
No online menu found

MexiCali Burrito Co. (500 Tech Square) 617 225 2777
burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos; vegetarian black and refried beans, three daily selections of seasonal vegetables; all above have vegetarian options, chili relleno is pepper encased in egg batter
opens at 11

Miracle of Science (321 Mass Ave) 617 868 2866
burgers, skewers (incl. vegetable), veg sides
no online menu found - see yelp reviews:

Mu Lan (Taiwanese) (228 Broadwa), 617 441 8812, 8813
opens at 11

Pupu Hot Pot (Chinese)(907 Main St.) 617 491 6616
opens at 11:30
many vegetarian dishes -small seating area, not cosy but food well prepared

Rebecca's (290 Main St.) 617 494 6688
has daily vegetarian special also quiche, vegetarian ravioli, toasted cheese sandwich; order at counter, pick up, small seating area

Royal East (782 Main St.) 617 661 1660
(not too veg friendly - PuPu more options) - Gen. Gau's chicken popular dish, large area for seating, large menu, luncheon specials, their veg lunch special: fried tofu with vegetables, mainly bok choy ends

Sebastian's (Corner Ames St. and Main St.) 617 758 0112
opens 7am
salads, pasta, vegetarian sandwich, crepes, gelato, self serve or order at counter, pay cashier, some seating

Stefani's Pizzeria (783 Main St.) 617 491 7823
pizza and subs, small eat in - 3/4? tables;

Tommy Doyle's (One Kendall) 617 225 0888
Irish pub food (do have vegetarian burger and vegetable fajitas, appetizers: stuffed garlic mushrooms, quesadillas, salads)