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(01/2017) C-LEARN paper at ICRA 2017

My paper on learning geometric constraints from demonstrations was accepted at ICRA 2017.

(01/2017) HRI 2017 Video!

Our video and abstract about "A Theatrical Mobile-Dexterous Robot Directed through Shared Autonomy" has been accepted at HRI2017!

This video shows our work on deploying Optimus as a theatrical robot for the MIT centennial.

(02/2016) Workshop proposal accepted at RSS 2016
I'm organizing the workshop Planning for Human-Robot Interaction: Shared Autonomy and Collaborative Robotics with Stefanos Nikolaidis, Henny Admoni, Anca Dragan, Siddhartha Srinivasa and Julie A. Shah.

(01/2015) Two papers accepted at ICRA 2015!
  • Claudia Pérez-D'Arpino, Julie A. Shah. Fast Target Prediction of Human Reaching Motion for Cooperative Human-Robot Manipulation Tasks Using Time Series Classification. ICRA 2015. Paper
  • Vaibhav V. Unhelkar*, Claudia Pérez-D'Arpino*, Leia Stirling, Julie A. Shah. Human-Robot Co-Navigation Using Anticipatory Indicators of Human Walking Motion. ICRA 2015. Paper

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