Frequently Asked Questions of Charles E. Leiserson

Q1. Do you go by “Chuck” or “Charlie”?

A1. Neither. My friends call me “Charles.” You should, too.

Q2. How do you pronounce your last name?

A2. The “ei” is pronounced as in “Einstein,” rhymes with “eye.” The esses are soft, like the “s” in “soft.” You can pronounce my name as three simple English words: LYE-sir-son.

Q3. Is there an answer guide for your textbook Introduction to Algorithms, which you coauthored with Cormen, Rivest, and Stein?

A3. No, but if you are teaching a course based on our textbook, there is an Instructor's Manual available from the MIT Press website. This manual contains answers to a selection of problems and exercises, as well as lecture material drawn from courses at MIT and Dartmouth.

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