Cecilia Testart PhD Candidate in EECS @ MIT CSAIL

About me

I’m a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. I am part of the Advanced Network Architecture group and the Internet Policy Research Initiative in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), working under the supervision of David D. Clark. My research focuses on how to make the Internet more secure, using data-driven approaches to understand the impact of vulnerabilities and benefits of security in the Internet’s core routing protocols, and considering technical and policy challenges to improve the current state-of-the-art.

In 2016 I got a dual master in Technology and Policy (TPP) and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at MIT. For my master thesis I explored the institutional landscape of cybersecurity using natural language processing and semi-supervised learning to propose a framework to better understand the role different institutions play in cybersecurity.

I have interned at MSR and the OECD and prior to joining MIT, I worked at NICChile Research Labs and Inria Chile. For my undergrad, I did a dual degree in Engineering between Universidad de Chile and École Centrale Paris.


Profiling BGP Serial Hijackers: Capturing Persistent Misbehavior in the Global Routing Table.

C. Testart, P. Richter, A. King, A. Dainotti, D. Clark.

ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC ’19), Amsterdam, Netherlands. Distinguished Paper Award

Explaining Explanations to Society.

L.H. Gilpin and C. Testart, N. Frutchter, and J. Adebayo.

NeurIPS 2018 Workshop on Ethical, Social and Governance Issues in AI, Montréal, Canada.

Reviewing a Historical Internet Vulnerability: Why Isn't BGP More Secure and What Can We Do About it?

C. Testart

TPRC 46: The Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy 2018, Washington, DC.

Understanding the Institutional Landscape of Cyber Security

C. Testart

TPRC 44: The Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy 2016, Washington, DC.

Understanding ICANN's Complexity in a Growing and Changing Internet

C. Testart

Exploration in Cyber International Relations (ECIR) Working Paper, Cambridge, MA.


ctestart at csail.mit.edu

32-G530, 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA.