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How to find the Windows location of a Linux file

Suppose you have a Linux file location such as:


and you wish to open the file on a Windows machine.  To do so, you must know the location of the file according to the Windows network file system, not the Linux file system location.  To discover this:

  1. Log into a Linux machine.
  2. Type df. The results should look something like:
    Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hde1               100000     25000     75000  25% /
    /dev/hde3              1000000    250000    750000  25% /usr
          ... (more listings here) ...
                          10000000   2500000   7500000  25% /datafiles/bigproject
                           1000000    250000    750000  25% /datafiles/rpms
          ... (more listings here) ...

    where the important lines are in bold face.

  3. From the df information we can see that /datafiles/bigproject is a share on the someserver machine in the /files/bigproject/ directory. Currently the convention seems to be that the Windows shares are made at the first subdirectory level (e.g. bigproject is a share on someserver).  To access the desired file on Windows, navigate to:
    Similarly, if we wished to access the Linux file
    from Windows, we would look at


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