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  self-portrait, March 2004


What is this place?

Breath of Life is my web journal, blog, self-gratifying written vomit, soapbox, and quasi-diary, which I thought up during my stay at Mass General Hospital in February, 2003. The original entries are here. I had surgery on my right lung for recurrent spontaneous pneumothoraces (lung collapses), and felt God and my friends and much prayer sustaining me throughout my experience there; thus, "Breath of Life." But basically, I couldn't sleep and was fairly bored, so I wrote stuff.

Well, it was lung surgery, after all. Not a very subtle or obscure choice of title. I promise I'll get more creative in the entries.

Stop in if you'd like. I'm not sure where my words will go or how true they will fly - I don't even know if they will be interesting, or just piss a lot of people off -  but I'm willing to blow them your way and let them fall where they may.