David Demirdjian

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Function:      Research scientist

Project:          Visual Interface Project



MIT CSAIL room 32-D514
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tel:    (617) 452 3179        

Fax:  (617) 258 6287

E-mail : demirdji@csail.mit.edu


Research interests: 


·        Computer Vision

real-time tracking, affective computing, stereo, motion estimation/segmentation


·        Human motion

activity and gesture recognition, meeting understanding, scene understanding


·        Multimodal User Interfaces

speech/gesture recognition for Human-Computer/-Robot Interaction


Recent Projects:


¨      Gesture-based HCI (Toyota / IWall): 3D gesture-speech interface for human-robot interaction, gesture recognition, virtual reality environments


¨      Perceptual awareness (E21): Monitoring and understanding of human activity in smart environments


¨      Meeting monitoring (Darpa / CALO): face and gaze analysis for meeting understanding


¨      Face expression (Ford): facial expression recognition for communication-error detection


¨      Biomedical (Spaulding, link to come soon): gait analysis for biomedical-oriented applications


¨      Real-time stereo library (C++ / Assembly)








ESTEREO real-time stereo library

VTRACKER stereo-based person tracker