Perceptual Awareness for Meeting Analysis




As part of the DARPA CALO project led by SRI, the Vision Interface group at MIT CSAIL has developed a perceptive laptop interface to support meeting understanding, and for multimodal human-computer interface. We are developing algorithms to assess the conversational state of meeting participants or users of the CALO environment from a personalized device, such as a laptop or tablet computer. Our ptablet device is purely passive, and offers the following cues to conversation or interaction state:


  • presence
  • attention
  • turn-taking
  • agreement and grounding gestures
  • emotion and expression cues
  • visual speech features


Additional information can be found here.



    ptablet device



Meeting analysis Demo

This video shows the full reconstruction (top view) of a 3-person meeting. Red lines indicate the gaze of the different participants.


Face tracking: Demo Demo

These videos show our integrated algorithms for estimating face pose/gesture and speaking activity



Speaker detection Demo Demo Demo


These videos show our algorithm for speaker detection using our multi-person tracking algorithm and a DOA (Direction-Of-Arrival)-based speaker detection



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