d i n n e r @ s i x | for students, administrators and faculty at MIT

Dinner@Six was an institute-wide program that brought students, faculty and administrators together for an informal dinner once a month. Between 2003, when the program started, and 2010 when it ended, over 700 students and 231 faculty and administrators participated.

Guest list here.

Dinner@Six was founded by Irwin Pless, Professor of Physics, Emeritus, and was run by Prof. Pless and Daniel Jackson, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The program was hosted by MIT Hillel, which lent its dining room, and the expertise of organizer Eliad Shmuel. It was funded by generous contributions from Chancellor Philip Clay; from the Dean of Undergraduate Education, Daniel Hastings; from the Dean for Graduate Education, Steve Lerman; from the Dean for Student Life, Chris Colombo; and from the Chaplain to the Institute, Robert Randolph.