A lot of this page has been copied and appropriately modified from the corresponding course taught by Shafi Goldwasser (and TA'ed by Shaih Halevi).

Course Description

This is the first of a two-term graduate course in cryptography. We will introduce and discuss the topics of encryption, pseudo-random number generation, digital signatures, identification, two party protocols and zero-knowledge. The emphasis will be on understanding the material and the proof techniques used.

Course Staff

Lecturer: Prof. Silvio Micali. NE43-303, x3-5949,
TA: Yevgeniy Dodis. NE43-338, x3-7583, yevgen@theory.lcs.mit.edu


General ease with algorithmic concepts, elementary number theory and good understanding of discrete probability are highly recommended.


We will hand out 7 problem-sets during the term. The class grade will be based on these problem-sets and on class participation.