The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Announcement of winners
of the fifty-sixth competition held on December 2, 1995

Winning Teams

Rank School Team Members (in alphabetical order)
1 Harvard University Kiran S. Kedlaya, Lenhard L. Ng, Hong Zhou
2 Cornell University Jeremy L. Bem, Robert D. Kleinberg, Mark Krosky
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ruth A. Britto-Pacumio, Sergey M. Ioffe, Thomas A. Weston
4 University of Toronto Edward Goldstein, J.P. Grossman, Naoki Sato
5 Princeton University Michael J. Goldberg, Alex Heneveld, Jacob A. Rasmussen
The first-place team receives an award of $7,500 and each member of the team receives $500. The awards for second place are $5,000 and $400; for fifth place $1000 and $100.

In each of the following categories, the listing is in alphabetical order.

The Putnam Fellows-The Five Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $1000.
Yevgeniy Dodis New York University
J.P. Grossman University of Toronto
Kiran S. Kedlaya Harvard University
Sergey V. Levin Harvard University
Lenhard L. Ng Harvard University

The Next Four Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $500.
Mark Krosky Cornell University
Serban M. Nacu Harvard University
Akira B. Negi University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Chung-Chieh Shan Harvard University

The Next Five Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $250.
Aaron F. Archer Harvey Mudd College
Jeremy L. Bem Cornell University
Robert D. Kleinberg Cornell University
David L. Savitt University of British Columbia
Hong Zhou Harvard University

The Next Ten Highest Ranking Individuals

Each receives an award of $100.
Federico Ardila Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert G. Au Stanford University
Ioana Dumitriu New York University
Craig R. Helfgott Princeton University
John J. Krueger Hope College
Daniel K. Schepler Washington University, St. Louis
Mikhail V. Shubov Texas Tech University
Balint Virag Harvard University
Ronald A. Walker University of Richmond
Stephen S. Wang Harvard University

Honorable Mention--Teams

University of British Columbia Mark Hamilton, Erich Mueller, David L. Savitt
University of Chicago Dean Jens, Christopher D. Jeris, Jeffrey Willson
Duke University Johanna Miller, Noam Shazeer, Tung Tran
New York University Yevgeniy Dodis, Ioana Dumitriu, Yevgeniy Kovchegov
Washington University, St. Louis Matthew Crawford, Daniel K. Schepler, Jade P. Vinson

Honorable Mention--Individuals

JARED E. ANDERSON, University of Victoria ERIC H. KUO, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DONALD A. BARKAUSKAS, Rice University FRÉDÉRIC LATOUR, University of Waterloo
WILLIAM J. BECKLER, Colgatsachusetts Institute of Technology
DAVID E. BRADLEY, Virginia Polytechnic Institute OLEXEI I. MOTRUNICH, University of Missouri, Columbia
RUTH A. BRITTO-PACUMIO, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ROMAN MUCHNIK, California Institute of Technology
SAMIT DASGUPTA, Harvard University COLIN A. PERCIVAL, Simon Fraser University
TODD W. GELDON, Princeton University RAJESH J. PEREIRA, McGill University
ANDREI C. GNEPP, Harvard University JACOB A. RASMUSSEN, Princeton University
MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG, Princeton University NAOKI SATO, University of Toronto
WEI-HWA HUANG, California Institute of Technology DOUGLAS SQUIRREL, Reed College
SERGEY M. IOFFE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology GUIDO UBALDIS, University of Californ Louis
CHRISTOPHER D. JERIS, University of Chicago JONATHAN L. WEINSTEIN, Harvard University
SERGEY KIRSHNER, University of California, Berkeley THOMAS A. WESTON, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIKHAIL G. KONIKOV, University of Maryland, College Part LIANG YANG, Yale University

Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize

Winner receives an award of $500.
Ioana Dimitriu New York University

Questions Committee

Fan Chung, Bellcore (Chair); Mark I. Krusemeyer, Carleton College; and Richard K. Guy, University of Calgary

A total of 2,468 students from 405 colleges and universities in Canada and the United States participated in the Competition. There were teams from 306 institutions. More complete details will appear in the Aarson, Associate Directors