Donglai Wei


updated 2014.09
donglai :
I'm a
Ack-1(61)th year
PhD student @ bldg 32

Thesis Advisor:
William Freeman

Researh Interests: Motion Analysis, Neural Network Model

donglai [not ! at]

What's New

CNN (AlexNet) Visualization:

[demo] drawNet2: Visualize pool5-fc6 neurons
[demo] Visualize CNN with different fc6-7 dropout masks
[demo] Visualize CNN with different pool5 spatial masks
[demo] Visualize top-activated pool5 neurons and the reconstruction, given an input image


A Data-driven Regularization Model for Stereo and Flow

D. Wei, C. Liu, W. Freeman
3DV 2014 [Oral]

Seeing the Arrow of Time

L. Pickup, Z. Pan, D. Wei, Y. Shih, C. Zhang, A. Zisserman and B. Schölkopf, W. Freeman
CVPR 2014

Video Representation Using Temporal Superpixels

J. Chang, D. Wei, and J. Fisher III
CVPR 2013
Demo     Code

Learning Deformations with Parallel Transport

D. Wei, D. Lin and J. Fisher III
ECCV 2012

RNAG: A New Gibbs Sampler for Predicting RNA Secondary Structure for Unaligned Sequences

D. Wei, L. Alpert and C. Lawrence
Bioinformatics 2011
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