MIT PLSE Seminar

The MIT programming languages and software engieering community hosts a weekly seminar series with talks from MIT and outside researchers. The seminar is currently running on Zoom at, with talks held on Thursdays at 11am-12pm Eastern.

Please contact the organizers ( with questions or slot reservations. To stay up-to-date with announcements, consider joining our mailing list.

Upcoming Talks

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Other links.
3/25/2021 Alex Renda MIT CSAIL DiffTune: Optimizing CPU Simulator Parameters with Learned Differentiable Surrogates MICRO '20
4/1/2021 Shivam Handa MIT CSAIL Inductive Program Synthesis over Noisy Data ESEC/FSE 2020
4/8/2021 Thomas Bourgéat and Clément Pit-Claudel MIT CSAIL The essence of Bluespec: a core language for rule-based hardware design PLDI 2020
4/15/2021 Anitha B. Gollamudi Harvard Secure-by-Construction Applications using Trusted Execution Environments OOPSLA 2016
CSF 2019
4/22/2021 Jeevana Inala MIT CSAIL Synthesizing Programmatic Policies that Inductively Generalize ICLR 2020
4/29/2021 Tom Chen MIT CSAIL Vegen: A Vectorizer Generator for SIMD and Beyond ASPLOS 2021
5/6/2021 TBD
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