PDP-8 Assembler

(Click here for a Romanian translation of this page, courtesy of Aleksandra Seremina at Azoft)

pdpnasm is an assembler for the PDP-8 computer, written in C. It follows the standard PAL-III syntax, with some exceptions, and was intended to be backwards-compatible with Prof. Wolf's assembler as used in ELE 375 (Fall 06). Advantages over the previous assembler include:

[A PDP-8. Original photo by Alkivar at Wikipedia.]

To use:

  1. Run make to build pdpnasm (works in UNIX or Cygwin).
  2. Run pdpnasm asm-file.p8 obj-file.po (same usage as the original pdp8asm of ELE 375).

fixtab.p8 contains the fixed symbol table, that is, the definition of mnemonics such as TAD and CLA, and must be present in the current directory when assembling. This methodology is analogous to how the original PAL-III assembler worked, having instruction mnemonics as a special case of user-defined symbols.

ZIP archive Download pdpnasm.zip (UNIX source code and Makefile).

Missing features


Deliberate deviations from specification

Currently unimplemented features from specification

The PAL-III specification can be found here.