To begin using Princeton Plan-O-Matic, enter your username and password on the login page.
After logging in, you will see the main page with a blank schedule to begin editing.

The page consists of three columns. The leftmost column, containing the "Departments & Programs" section is where you can add all of the requirements you wish to satisfy, in the middle section, you can add courses to your schedule, and you can you the search pane to the right to find courses, programs, and AP credits.

A good way to begin is to add basic requirements to your schedule. Selecting one of the links in the "Departments & Programs" section will automatically perform a search and will display all related results. For example, clicking on "degree" will allow you to add either the AB or BSE Plan of Study to your set of requirements.

Add of of these results to your schedule by dragging to result and dropping in into the "Departments & Programs".

As soon as you add a requirement to your schedule, you will see immediate feedback on the courses you still need to take to fulfill the requirement.

To find courses satisfying the requirements, just click on the requirement you want to search for. Otherwise, further searching can be done either by selecting a category in the search pane to find majors, certificates, or other programs...

By entering a keyword or part of a course code under the "Courses" tab...

Or, by clicking on any of the links that appear in any part of the schedule.

Notice that as you add courses to your schedule, the list of remaining course will update to show you only what you have left. Here, your "Literature and the Arts" requirement has decreased from 2 courses to 1.

If you decided you want to try out another possible schedule, you can either copy the schedule you're working on, or create a new, blank schedule to work with. Just click on one of the links near the top of the screen and enter a name for your new schedule.

Hit "Enter", or select "OK" to bring up the new schedule.

You can now switch between your schedules using the drop-down list at the top of the page!

Now, have fun and plan your dream schedule!