a photo per day keeps the doctor away


August 17, 2017


What happens after you end a photo series? Start a new one, of course … or in my case, resume a previous one. I’m going back in time to a trip I made in late May to the lovely country of Slovenia. Pastures, flowers, cows, and mountains — all there!

Fire in the Sky

August 16, 2017

Hudson Bay, Canada

It’s been a fun series of images, but it’s time to bring it to an end. This will be the last image from my recent trip to the Hudson Bay.

A few minutes after sunset, a lone polar bear wandered down a gravel road under fiery clouds.

Big Color

August 15, 2017

Hudson Bay, Canada

The color continued to build in the sky as sunset approached on the last evening of the trip. I say “big color” because in this vast and mostly flat landscape (no hills, north of the tree line), when a colorful sky appears … well, there’s a LOT of color to see!

Sprinkles of Color

August 14, 2017

Hudson Bay, Canada

The last night of the trip was a good one for landscape photography. The light was soft and even, and the horizon had a lovely warm glow. Unfortunately, the mosquitos and black flies also thought it was a nice evening to be out and about. I braved the bugs for twenty minutes until the light was gone.