a photo per day keeps the doctor away

SAD 5: Cheek to Cheek

April 7, 2020

Canada, 2016

Two polar bears jaw at each other playfully amongst the muted red-brown autumn colors. They’re waiting for the water to freeze so they can head out on the ice and hunt for seals.

SAD 4: Side by Side

April 6, 2020

Canadian Rockies, 2006

These hoary marmots seem to be enjoying their Social Anti-Distancing (SAD) tendencies atop a colorful, lichen-covered boulder.

SAD 3: Chest to Chest

April 5, 2020

Antarctica, 2019

The third episode in the Social Anti-Distancing (SAD) series features a pair of adult emperor penguins, resting chest to chest. Definitely not six feet apart!

SAD 2: Head to Head

April 3, 2020

Galápagos Islands, 2017

The Social Anti-Distancing (SAD) series continues with two land iguanas going head to head, literally. I started photographing them from far away, then approached slowly and cautiously, getting closer to them and closer to the ground. Eventually I got within a couple of feet. They kept circling each other, heads locked together, pushing back and forth, battling for supremacy. They ignored me completely. They were still going several minutes later, head to head, but they had stopped circling; in fact, they had stopped moving altogether. For all I know, they had fallen asleep!


April 3, 2020

Massachusetts 2005

This is the start of a “sad” little photo series that I’m calling Social Anti-Distancing. We humans currently need to keep apart to stay safe, but with animals it’s a different story. Over the years I’ve photographed many pairs or groups of animals interacting, and I’d like to share some of my favorites with you.

The series kicks off with an image of Buddha and Otto back in 2005. When Buddha would groom Otto, he would always wrap his arm around his buddy like this. The friendly grooming would invariably devolve into wrestling and head-grabbing!

Sandy Reflector

April 2, 2020

Death Valley, 2020

At dawn, the dunes receive just enough directional light from the sky to reveal their textures and shading.

Windscape 5

March 27, 2020

Death Valley, 2020

The black-and-white dune series continues with a wide-angle composition that follows the light-dark cartour around the frame.