a photo per day keeps the doctor away

SAD 14: A Tale of Two Teenagers

April 17, 2020

Antarctica, 2019

An emperor penguin adult with two teenage chicks. Note that emperor adults can raise at most 1 chick per season, so at least one of these chicks came from another adult. During the Antarctic spring (November), the chicks are growing up fast and need to put on a lot of weight before the sea ice melts and they enter the water for the first time. The chicks are also wandering away from their parents, sometimes for hours at a time, socializing with the other chicks, starting to form bonds.

SAD 13: Puffin Party

April 15, 2020

Faroe Islands, 2016

No mass gatherings? Try telling that to these puffins, who gather by the thousands in summertime to tend to their burrows and raise their young (“pufflings”). You’d think that having thousands of birds in one place would result in a deafening, squabbly situation, but no … these birds were super quiet and orderly. A whoosh of wings and a puffin would appear, like Apparating. Another whoosh of wings and it’d be gone. Aside from that — silence!

SAD 11: Cubby Cuddle

April 13, 2020

At home, 2005

Otto was always a small cat, but in his younger days he was quite a bit smaller, and he liked to squeeze into the same cubby with his big pal Buddha.

SAD 9: Wait up!

April 11, 2020

Antarctica, 2015

Several social anti-distancing gentoo penguins gather closely on an icy beach while one of their buddies catches up.

SAD 7: Back to Sea

April 8, 2020

Costa Rica, 2013

Several olive ridley turtles return to sea at dawn after laying their eggs on the beach the night before.