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I will be ending my custom profile-building service at the end of April 2012. I will continue to accept new custom profile orders through the end of April 30, but will not take any new orders after that.

I offer a custom ICC profiling service for printers that accept RGB inputs. Supported printers include the popular dye and pigment inkjet printers made by Epson, Canon, and HP, as well as many other printers.

Custom profiles provide several benefits, including accurate color reproduction, smooth tonal transitions, neutral grays, and better shadow and highlight details. They are optimized for your specific printer, ink, and paper combination and will help you get the most out of your printer.

I use an X-Rite Eye-One Pro (UV-filtered) spectrophotometer and Eye-One iO scanning table to measure profile targets. I perform multiple measurements, average the data, and analyze the results to check for errors. I use a combination of X-Rite software and my own spectral processing routines to build the final profiles.

Getting a custom profile is easy. First, you print out a profile target (see the instructions below) on your desired paper and mail it to me. Once I receive your profile target, I measure it, build the profile, and email it to you.

The price for one RGB color custom profile is $30 (USD). Payment must be made electronically via PayPal ( These RGB color profiles can also be used to print black-and-white images. If you would like to order a custom profile, please follow these instructions:

RGB Color Profile

Download the 1728-patch profile target
(requires 2 letter-sized, A4, or larger sheets)

Printing Instructions and Order Form

Important: Please note that I have recently changed/updated the profile target printing instructions. I now recommend printing the profile targets using Adobe Color Printer Utility (ACPU).

As of November 2011, I no longer offer custom black-and-white profiles for the Epson Advanced B&W (ABW) Photo driver mode. With recent changes in the Mac OS printing architecture and the corresponding changes in the Epson printer driver, it is unfortunately no longer possible to use custom ABW profiles for the purposes of linearization and soft-proofing.
If you wish to learn more about my custom profiling service, please email me.
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