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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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I design and develop wireless systems and technologies that can see through walls, track human motion, and monitor human vital signs by relying purely on wireless signal reflections. I am currently a PhD student in Prof. Dina Katabi's Lab at CSAIL. I received my Bachelors from AUB in 2011 and my Masters from MIT in 2013.

In Fall 2016, I am starting as an Assistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab. I am looking for postdocs and graduate students to join my research group. Graduate students are encouraged to apply through the Media Lab admissions website. Postdocs can email me directly.

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Awards & Honors:

International Lists: Forbes' 30 Under 30 in 2015, Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35 (TR35) in 2014.

Entrepreneurial: Invited to The First-Ever White House Demo Day (2015), MIT 100K Business Plan Competition: Finalist, Audience Choice Award, and AARP Prize (2015).

"Best of" Conference Awards: ACM MobiCom'14 Best Demo Award, ACM CHI'15 Honorable Mention Award.

Fellowships: Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship (2014-2016), MIT Irwin and Joan Jacobs Presidential Fellowship (2011-2012), AUB Merit Scholarship (2007-2011).

Institutional (MIT): CSAIL Amazing Research Highlights Competition: First Place (2015), MIT ASO SciTech Graduate Student Award (2015), 50 Ways that MIT has transformed Computer Science (X-ray Vision), William A. Martin Award for Best Master's Thesis in Computer Science at MIT (2013).

Institutional (AUB): Highest cumulative GPA in the digitally-recorded history of AUB (2011), AUB Distinguished Graduate Award (2011), Rank 1 every semester at AUB (2007-2011), AUB Dean’s Honor List and High Distinction (2007-2011).

Contact: fadel@mit.edu

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