Fan Long
me CSAIL, The Stata Center
77 Massachusetts Ave, 32-730G
Cambridge, MA 02139
Email: (first name)l at csail dot mit dot edu

I am a graduate student working in MIT CSAIL lab with Prof. Martin Rinard.


An Analysis of the Search Spaces for Generate and Validate Patch Generation Systems [pdf slides artifact]
Fan Long and Martin Rinard
ICSE 2016

Automatic Patch Generation by Learning Correct Code [pdf slides artifact]
Fan Long and Martin Rinard
POPL 2016

Control Jujutsu: On the Weaknesses of Fine-Grained Control Flow Integrity [pdf slides]
Isaac Evans, Fan Long, Ulziibayar Otgonbaatar, Howard Shrobe, Martin Rinard, Hamed Okhravi, and Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos
CCS 2015

Staged Program Repair with Condition Synthesis [pdf slides artifact]
Fan Long and Martin Rinard

An Analysis of Patch Plausibility and Correctness for Generate-And-Validate Patch Generation Systems [pdf artifact]
Zichao Qi, Fan Long, Sara Anchor, and Martin Rinard
ISSTA 2015

Automatic Error Elimination by Multi-Application Code Transfer [pdf]
Stelios Sidiroglou, Eric Lahtinen, Fan Long, and Martin Rinard
PLDI 2015

Automatic Integer Overflow Discovery Using Goal-Directed Conditional Branch Enforcement [pdf]
Stelios Sidiroglou, Eric Lahtinen, Nathan Rittenhouse, Paolo Piselli, Fan Long, Doekhwan Kim, and Martin Rinard

Principled Sampling for Anomaly Detection [pdf]
Brendan Juba, Christopher Musco, Fan Long, Stelios Sidiroglou, and Martin Rinard
NDSS 2015

Automatic Runtime Error Repair and Containment via Recovery Shepherding [ pdf ] [slides]
Fan Long, Stelios Sidiroglou, and Martin Rinard.
PLDI 2014

Sound Input Filter Generation for Integer Overflow Errors [ pdf slides]
Fan Long, Stelios Sidiroglou, Deokhwan Kim, and Martin Rinard.
POPL 2014

From Natural Language Specifications to Program Input Parsers [ pdf ]
Tao Lei, Fan Long, Regina Barzilay, and Martin Rinard.
ACL 2013

Automatic Input Rectification [ pdf ]
Fan Long, Vijay Ganesh, Michael Carbin, Stelios Sidiroglou, and Martin Rinard.
ICSE 2012

G2: A Graph Processing System for Diagnosing Distributed Systems. [ pdf ]
Zhenyu Guo, Dong Zhou, Haoxiang Lin, Mao Yang, Fan Long, Chaoqiang Deng, Changshu Liu, and Lidong Zhou.

Language-based Replay via Data Flow Cut. [ pdf | slides ]
Ming Wu, Fan Long, Xi Wang, Zhilei Xu, Haoxiang Lin, Xuezheng Liu, Zhenyu Guo, Huayang Guo, Lidong Zhou, and Zheng Zhang.
FSE 2010

API Hyperlinking via Structural Overlap. [ pdf | slides ]
Fan Long, Xi Wang, and Yang Cai.

MODIST: Transparent Model Checking of Unmodified Distributed Systems. [ pdf ]
Junfeng Yang, Tisheng Chen, Ming Wu, Zhilei Xu, Xuezheng Liu, Haoxiang Lin, Mao Yang, Fan Long, Lintao Zhang, and Lidong Zhou
NSDI 2009