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 +A visual series of chapters of my experiences in Cambridge.  Click the links beside the pictures to read each section.
 +^ {{mepics:grantchester.jpg?150}} | [[Arrival]] : In which Finale arrives in the United Kingdom and experiences Cambridge traditions and culture.  A pilgrimage to Ely is completed, and a minor adventure with a local microwave ends in an unfortunate demise of a faithful friend. | 
 +^ {{mepics:stone_circle.jpg?150}} | [[First Steps]] : In which several visits are made across the channel to historic sites in Porto, Andalucia, Salzburg, and Bavaria.  Meanwhile, more local exploration lead to the discovery of a singing valley and a ridge of glorious emptiness.  |
 +^ {{mepics:wedding_haar.jpg?150}} | [[Summer Days]] : In which Finale is introduced to the refined haberdashery of Lisbon and the sunlit nights of Helsinki.  Cambridge history is experienced in the unveiling of a time-eating cricket, but this wonder is soon forgot at the heels of her wedding. | 
 +^ {{mepics:wales_common.jpg?150}} | [[Javinale Autumn]] : In which Finale and Javier, lacking a flying police box, are forced to take the train to Cardiff.  Additional forays are made to France and Barcelona, and Guy Fawkes night is celebrated with nerdy revelry. | 
 +^ {{mepics:wales_common.jpg?150}} | [[800th Anniversary]] : . | 
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